EIA are done to ensure that the environmental impacts of a development proposal are fully considered and assessed before it is implemented. Aquaterra can help you determines the type and severity of your activity’s environmental impact which is an integral part of the regulatory approval process and good diligence practice.



Aqua Terra Consulting Mauritius specializes in the preparation of Environmental Risk Assessments involving the assessment of potential environmental hazards and the relative risks from specific environmental or chemical factors to nominated human and/or ecological receptors. Aquattera can further help you develop precautions such as setting up biomarkers or integrating health and safety to reduce these risks.  



Environmental audit and compliance done by Aquaterra are designed to evaluate whether an organization complies with its environmental and licenses requirements or objectives. Aquaterra can assist  your company in managing compliance requirements through the preparation of risk registers and environmental performance reports.


Contamination of the soil, air, surface water and groundwater can pose significant legal, time and financial restrictions on development projects or established operations. Aquaterra specializes in environmental sampling and contamination assessments including the assessment and management of asbestos, waste water, contaminated soil,  surface water and groundwater, waste and landfill management.



As part of the identification and quantification of potential surface or subsurface pollution, Aquattera offers solutions to prevent, manage and remediate these potential issues by considering the receptors potentially affected, the relative risks and methodologies available. Given that every site is unique Aquaterra can help you choose the most suitable and effective solution.

Health and Safety


Aquaterra provides professional help to small and medium sized enterprise throughout Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Our services include safety audits, policy documents, compliance and risk assessments, HSE advice and training.


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Case Study

Remediation of Leaking Tanks at a Petrol Station

Aquaterra was engaged by a private entity to complete an Environmental Assessment of a petrol station. Based on the results of the desktop assessment and sampling conducted at the site, it was determined that the underground tanks’ connection valves had been leaking for over 10 years and as such remediation works were required to decrease the risk of potential explosion from petroleum vapours and risks of contamination to groundwater management & resources. Remediation works included the supervision of the removal and replacement of damaged valves, excavation of impacted soils, drilling of groundwater monitoring wells to determine if groundwater has been impacted and risk assessment.

Leaking Tank
wastage material
Case Study

Environmental Sampling at an Active Landfill Management

Aquaterra was commissioned by an active landfill to conduct environmental sampling of potentially contaminated soils, groundwater and air to determine the potential health risks to onsite workers and adjacent residents. The Environmental Sampling included the installation of vapour implants to monitor emissions of landfill gases such as methane, drilling of soil bores and installation of groundwater bores to evaluate the quality of the soil, groundwater and surface water from the adjacent river. All data was assessed against published guideline and criteria and a risk assessment was completed to determine relative risks.

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