Environmental Sampling and Monitoring

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The collection of appropriate samples is required to meet objectives in an environmental analysis or to meet monitoring requirements.

ls your industry compliant with its environmental requirements?

Aquaterra specialises in the collection of samples for use in environmental analysis and pollution prevention and include water, solid material and air samples.
Water samples can be collected from rivers, lakes, the ocean, underground water, industrial waste water which is discharged from factories and household waste water. In addition, various solid samples can also be collected such as soil, bottom sediment, sludge and solid waste depending on the industry. Gaseous samples include airborne dust, landfill gases, noxious gases in the atmosphere, soot and dust released from factories.

Our services include:

  • Soil, air and water assessment
  • Environmental sampling
  • Pollution and environmental monitoring
  • Use of internationally accredited laboratories for sample analysis
  • Use of dedicated equipment
  • Waste management
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